Perfective or imperfective aspect? How to define which form to use?
by Svetlana Mart
After we have done great work and have learnt 2 forms of verb you shall face an even greater challenge, how to choose the necessary form correctly. The fact is that many inexperienced Russian teachers do not understand the topic in full and try to make analogies with the English - Perfect / Imperfect tenses, which is incorrect.
4 tips how to learn Russian more efficiently (part 1)
by Svetlana Mart


You should choose a topic that appeals to you and take the language plunge related to it. It may be your passion (travel, art, the culinary art, wine), favourite actor or singer (songs, concerts and numerous interviews will be very helpful).

How to improve your Russian?
by Svetlana Mart

We have worked with students who have studied Russian  and we have noticed some distinguishing features, which certainly help achieve better results. And today we’d like to share these small secrets with you.