How to improve your Russian?
by Svetlana Mart

We have worked with students who have studied Russian  and we have noticed some distinguishing features, which certainly help achieve better results. And today we’d like to share these small secrets with you.

Of course, if we ask people how to learn Russian ASAP most of them would recommend going to Russia to plunge into the culture and they would be right. The first advice which we can give you is Russian surrounding.


And luckily for us, in our era of high tech you can create Russia staying at home. First and foremost what you must do is to switch your language in the social networks. Change settings on your Facebook page to Russian and you will see every day phrases, which you have read many times in Russian. Then, you must change the language on your cell phone and computer. Every day you shall learn such words as “сохранить”, “напечатать”, “поделиться” and etc. just using standard functions.


Another piece of advice, which we can give you, you should study language every day. Watch, listen to and read as often as you possibly can. The teacher helps you create a frame showing the way, step by step, but it is up to you to improve and master your skills on your own. At first, do not try to watch original films, especially, if you do not know which one to watch. More often than not, slang and dialects are used in modern language (especially in Russian comedies), and if you do not understand the film in full, it will diminish your motivation. We advise you to pay attention to watching films with the teacher who will select a film at your level for you and explain new vocabulary. Or you should watch well-known comedies in another language. For instance, why do we not watch film Pretty woman in Russian? Even if you do not understand the words you guess the meaning as you know the film by heart.


Another useful piece of advice is to record your speech on a voice recorder. If you need to read a text at home or learn words you should try to record your result on the tape recorder. You should try to do it with proper intonation and pronounce all the words correctly. Just imagine that you are standing before a large audience. You will be surprised how difficult it is! After a couple of weeks of such exercises you will notice that you remember many texts and situations better. The point is that reading gives us only 10% of memory as compared to 70% when we teach others! That is why many people start their blogs and thus help others study Russian! You should try it too!

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