Taking a Russian language course in Moscow is a great way to learn the language in the most suitable environment – among native speakers. The spirit of the city will boost your learning abilities. You can get an energy drive, learn more about cultural characteristics of the nation, and just spend some quality time by visiting some of the city’s most prominent attractions with us.

We organize a great number of interesting excursions. Unlike typical city tours offered by Moscow travel agencies, our excursions are more like a special type of a Russian language lesson. Before each insight into history and culture, a professional guide will explain some new words connected to the topic in order to extend your vocabulary. Also, some grammatical constructions may be discussed to help you understand the language and its peculiarities connected with the time period that a particular sight belongs to. Altogether, going on excursions with us is a combination of learning and entertaining experiences.

There are many places of interest in Moscow. We may not be able to take you everywhere, but we have chosen the most interesting destinations. Whatever the season – whether the sun is shining outside or everything is covered with snow – we will be waiting for you every Saturday at 11 am. The place where we meet will be appointed beforehand, but it is always somewhere in the central district.

During the excursions, we take care of you by providing the basic services you may need, in order to make you feel comfortable and create the right atmosphere for absorbing new information.

Use your every opportunity to practice your knowledge while you learn Russian in Moscow and join us on our next tour around this beautiful city. We will show you the best of the Russian capital and introduce you to the local community and culture. Prices start from 20 euro. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.