Individual lessons

If you want to experience Russian through individual lessons, welcome to our Tolstoj Russian language school in Moscow . We work with a personalized approach with every student of an individual course. What does it mean? Well, it means your tutor will plan the lessons for you based on your language level upon entering the school as well as your learning style.

If some parts of the program seem too hard for you, the teacher will stop delivering new information to work with you on the old subjects until you understand everything well enough. If you start feeling that the time of learning is too fast, you can ask your tutor to slow down and elaborate on a topic in more detail. During a lesson, you can ask questions that came into your mind at home when you were doing your homework or discussing the course with a friend. Individual lessons are a convenient way of learning, and choosing it will allow you to improve your level effectively.

  • Type of course : general, business, economics
  • Lessons in a day (min-max) : 1 to 6
  • Min course length: 1 week
  • Levels: elementary- advanced
  • Start dates: every day
  • Lesson's duration: 60 min
    PRICE: 20-40 euro/1 h




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