Intensive group course

When it comes to studying Russian, we offer you to enjoy and share your language learning journey with your fellow students in a group. Group lessons make it possible to turn a serious and responsible studying process into a fun and interesting experience. Our teachers arrange different learning activities in class, which are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the lessons and take your understanding of such an intricate language as Russian to the next level.

Designed for groups of up to seven people, the intensive group course covers all aspects of the language, including writing, speaking, and listening. The possibility of interaction between students allows each participant to maximize their personal progress. You can learn Russian in Moscow or Kyiv with us and get a certificate to prove that you have achieved excellent results. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate. To receive a certificate, students must attend 80% of their classes.

About the Russian Language course 

Our intensive Russian language course is held in our wonderfully equipped Russian language school in Moscow.

The course is structured so that each student is fully immersed in this rich and often complicated language. Hundreds of students from around the globe have attended our Russian language course in Moscow and have been impressed with the results. The course is taught by highly skilled professional teachers, and the standard of tuition is impeccable. If you’ve attempted to learn the Russian language before but found it difficult, then enrolling in our Russian language course is definitely the right move.

Who should apply for this course?

The intensive Russian course in Moscow is taught in small groups. It is aimed at those who wish to learn all aspects of this beautiful language.

The course includes speaking, writing and also listening, in an immersive and thorough manner. The teachers ensure that the various learning activities are both fun and informative. The intensive Russian course is taught in a style that guarantees that each student is able to interact with one another. This method also helps to strengthen the level of understanding of a language that can quite often feel quite challenging if it is not taught in an interesting, compelling and comprehensive way.

What can the student achieve with this course?

Depending on the course chosen, students who have participated in our intensive Russian language course will leave feeling that they have achieved an elementary through to an advanced level of understanding.

On the proviso that students have attended at least 80% of their language classes, they will receive a certificate to prove that they have achieved outstanding results while studying the intensive Russian language course with us in our language school here in Moscow.

Group size: max 7 
Lessons per week: 20 (1 lesson 45 min)
Duration: minimum 1 week
Levels: elementary- advanced
Start dates: Mondays
Price: from 144 to 160 Euro for a week


The rates for the courses depend on the number of weeks you wish to study. The more weeks you take, the less you shall pay. 

When you pay for a course or advance fee you accept the cooperation conditions with our school.

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