In russian language we have 6 levels: А1 and А2; В1 and В2; С1 and  С2.


А1 - Elementary Level (TEL)

At this level you grasp the basics of Russian. You learn how to read and write. You study present and past tenses. You learn how to use cases in Russian. You shall be able to name objects in singular and plural forms, masculine and feminine genders in Russian. Also, at this level you learn the first verbs of motion.

After 8-10 lessons they are conducted in Russian.


А2 - Basic Level (TBL)

At this level you continue extending your vocabulary. You learn a useful lexis and shall be able to use the imperative and subjunctive mood. You shall master such grammar topics as:

  • Present, past and 2 future tenses;
  • Sequence of tenses in active voice;
  • Conditional and imperative mood;
  • Gerund and participle (equal forms in Russian).

This level shall enable you to read simple texts (including abridged books with dictionary) and socialise with native speakers.


В1 - The First Certification Level (TORFL-I)

This level is for those who have a good command of Russian. Having passed this level you shall be able to feel at ease when you converse in different situations and use more complicated grammatical constructions.

The level reveals deeper layers of Russian – you shall be able not only to socialise with native speakers in any topic but also watch films (without subtitles), understand lyrics for songs and read original books without a dictionary.


В2 - The Second Level Certificate (TORFL-II)

At this level you shall study almost all the grammatical structures of the Russian language. You shall converse fluently with native speakers, read unabridged books and watch original films.


С1 - The Third Level Certificate (TORFL-III)

You shall learn to understand large and complicated texts, effectively use language in public, in scientific and business matters, create clear, detailed texts on elaborate topics using parenthetical words and other speech patterns.

At this level you shall be able to speak on particular topics such as: medicine, politics, economy etc.

Also Russian teachers should take the С1 level at the elementary and intermediate level.


С2 - The Fourth Level Certificate (TORFL-IV)

It is the final and advanced level. The student easily understands all information, which he/she hears and reads. He/she can express his/her ideas instantly and coherently and accurately. The student discerns subtle shades of meaning in challenging situations.

С2 Level of Russian is equivalent to native speaker language.