Host family

If you decide to live in a russian speaking family, you will use your time for good. We have a list of families who would be happy to welcome you into their homes for a pretty reasonable price. You will live with Russian-speaking people, within a little distance from our school. This way, you will be able to learn the language even when being at home, in a very friendly and homely atmosphere.

Living with a Russian family will give a number of benefits to you as a Russian language learner. The best of them is that you will get a chance to practice the language at home, in a natural environment, which will help you understand all peculiarities and quirks of everyday Russian better.

Our host families reside at a short distance from our school, so you won’t have to spend hours to cross the city before you finally get to the school.

With native Russian speakers around you, you get into a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Thus, you will more easily adapt to living in a foreign community, which will surely help you learn Russian without constantly getting distracted to solve those trivial issues connected with finding accommodation in a big city. So, find your home here, in one of our host families, and learn the culture and the language from the inside!


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Group course

This special course is designed for those who live in Kiev constantly. You can attend course 2-3 time for week (1 hour 30 min.) At the end of the course you will get a certificate. To receive a certificate, students must attend 80% of their classes.

  • Price: 4500 grn for 60 lessons of 45 minutes (2 lessons in a day)
  • Max person: 10
  • Group starts: october, fabruary
  • Levels: elementary- advanced
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